Useful Faq's

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Does age matter?
Can diet play a part in increasing chances of getting pregnant?
How often should we have sex?
Will taking a hot shower affect my husband's sperm count?
What are the best sexual positions to get pregnant?
Why is folic acid important during pregnancy?
What is the right amount of folic acid to get each day?
What is the difference between “baby blues,”postpartum depression, and postpartum psychosis?
What steps can I take if I have symptoms of depression during pregnancy or after childbirth?
How is depression treated?
What effects can untreated depression have?
What causes pica during pregnancy?
What are typical pica cravings during pregnancy?
Are pica cravings harmful to the baby?
What can you do if you have pica cravings?
What are the first changes that happen to a woman when she becomes pregnant, even before she realises she's pregnant?
What's the tip-off for a woman that she's pregnant?
What causes morning sickness and what does it actually indicate?
What does morning sickness indicate?
What changes occur to the uterus during pregnancy?
What happens to the abdominal organs later on in pregnancy as the uterus grows higher and higher into the abdomen?
It is said that pregnancy puts added stress on your heart. What cardiovascular changes occur during pregnancy and how is the heart able to deal with them?
What is it that makes a woman's body able to compensate for that?
I've read that the lungs actually work more efficiently in pregnancy. How is it that they're able to work more efficiently for that brief period in a woman's life?
What are the additional nutritional needs of pregnant women?
We've heard a lot about the dangers of smoking and drinking to the growing fetus. What are the dangers of those to the mother's body during pregnancy?
What is normal weight gain?
What foods should I avoid?
Are there any household products I should avoid?
Can I have sex while pregnant?
I've got a fever, can I take any medication?
Why is exercise during pregnancy important?
Does exercise help reduce back pain during pregnancy?
Why is protein important in my prenatal diet?
Why is drinking water important during my pregnancy?
Should I Change My Diet During Pregnancy?
What should I be eating?
Which foods are best?
What foods should I cut out?
Should I drink more fluids?
Are snacks and junk food bad in pregnancy?
What skin changes occur during pregnancy?
How does a woman know she's in labor? What are the early signs?
What changes occur to the cervix during early pregnancy?
What factors might lead to a Caesarean-section delivery?
What Are The Symptoms Of Pregnancy
Can I get pregnant while breast-feeding?
How soon can I start exercise after my baby's birth?
Is it ok to breastfeed if I am beginning an exercise program?
How common is depression during and after pregnancy?
What causes depression?
What are symptoms of depression?