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Maternal Care

The maternal health care service seeking behavior of women in the study area was low. Educational status of the women, birth order and knowledge about pregnancy complications were the major factors associated with maternal health care service seeking behavior Focused health education with kind and supportive health care provider counseling will improve the maternal health care seeking behaviors of women.

Neonatal ICU

Most babies admitted to the NICU are premature (born before 37 weeks of pregnancy), have low birth weight (less than 2.49 kg), or have a medical condition that requires special care.

Risky Pregnancy Care

Not all pregnancies go smoothly. Some women experience what doctors refer to as a high-risk pregnancy. A pregnancy is considered high-risk when there are potential complications that could affect the mother, the baby, or both. High-risk pregnancies require management by a specialist to help ensure the best outcome for the mother and baby.

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We invest in medical equipment, eliminating existing service gaps, high tech diagnostics, laboratory, and specialist services. Providing patients with guidance and quality care is our ultimate mission. And eventually, it is the first class leaders of our medical team that are driving the improvement of service quality and access to healthcare across the organisation.

The leaders of our medical team provide insights about the healthcare service gaps in Junagadh and our focus for the upcoming years in terms of investment and development. Below you can find a quick roadmap to get to our office.

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